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The doctor practicing pain management is dedicated to providing the highest degree of pain management care.  Whether you're looking for fibromyalgia treatment or arthritis pain relief, our doctor will do everything in our power to relieve your aches.  We operate under the philosophy that, “Restoring function and reducing pain should be an integral part of a community, for improving productivity and quality of life."

We take the time to properly diagnose our patients and determine whether the pain is somatic, neuropathic, or combination of the two. We recommend spine interventions.  However, if the situation calls for it depending on our assessment, Opioid treatment may be initiated.  We never lose sight of our goal of restoring function and decreasing pain, and that applies to all the treatment options. An example of spine intervention is as below.

Kyphoplasty is a type of vertebroplasty (to fix a fracture) in which the vertebral body is first prepared by using a balloon to inflate and reposition the vertebra. A cement is then put in place in order to fix the vertebral body, and help it resume a more normal shape. Kyphoplasty is minimally invasive, requiring only a very small incision in the back. A narrow tube is inserted through the incision using fluoroscopy (live X-ray) to guide it into the correct position in the damaged vertebrae. Using the tube as a channel, the physician then guides a special balloon into the vertebral body. The balloon is then carefully inflated, restoring the vertebrae to a more normal shape. It also creates a cavity in the vertebral body by compacting the soft inner bone material. The balloon is then deflated and gently removed. Special instruments are used to fill the cavity with a soft cement-like material, which quickly hardens to stabilize the vertebrae. 

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