Success Story

Our practice evaluated a very pleasant female for chronic lumbar pain. Pain had limited her function and sleep and quality of life. She had a lumbar mri revealing epidural fibrosis(scar tissue), causing inflamation of a nerve in lumbar spine. She underwent Lysis of adhesions by Dr. Goyal, an outpatient procedure with excellent improvement in pain and reduction in opioid medications. a follow up MRI several months later revealed almost complete resolution of scar tissue. We have enclosed MRI report findings as follows.

Pre-Procedure MRI report.

  1. There is enhancing scar tissue at the level of L4-5 to the left of midline. This likely represents post-surgical scarring which is posterior displacing and impinging the left L5 nerve root centrally. This did not enhance on the prior examination.

Post Procedure MRI

Since the prior examination, the amount of enhancement of the L4-5 level has definitely diminished.

  1. There is no new heniation or abnormal new enhancement seen.
  2. Stable left foraminal disc herniation at L3-4. This does narrow the neural foramina.


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